10 Popular Questions After Sales You Should Ask About Water Purifier

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A water purifier is a must-have in today’s world. Water purifiers are necessary due to the current state of our water resources. The RO water purifiers are expensive.

It is important to care for them so they last many years. A well-maintained RO water purifier will last between 10 and 15 years.

It is important to maintain water purifiers. You should therefore be familiar with warranty aspects. You can also add other useful items that will prolong the life of your water purifier. Let’s now examine the “After-Sales Questions” When you are looking to buy water purifiers, these are the questions you need to ask.

Many water purifier manufacturers offer excellent after-sales service. All products come with warranties. You also have AMC, which can be very helpful. These are the questions you should ask when buying a water purifier.

10 Popular Questions After Sales You Should Ask About Water Purifiers

Popular Questions After Sales You Should Ask About Water Purifier

Q 1. Is there a warranty on the water purifier?

Every water purifier comes with a guarantee. The warranty on some appliances includes a 1-year guarantee for all parts that are serviceable and an additional 3-year service free of charge.

There are two types of warranties: a warranty and a free service period. A warranty means that the company will replace any defective parts at no cost.

This facility is not available during a free-of-charge period. The cost of replacing the parts will be charged to your account. There would be no servicing fees if the water purifier was repaired by the company.

Q 2 – What is an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC), and what does it mean?

An AMC is essential, especially for expensive consumer durables. This ensures your water purifier is in top working order throughout the year.

The AMC covers water purifiers in general. It usually covers the pump, adaptor, and other essential parts. These parts are replaced by the companies at no cost.

The AMC does not cover filters like the RO membrane or carbon filters. These parts will be charged at their actual cost.

Q 3 – Is it possible to get spare parts for water purifiers?

It is important to use original spare parts when replacing items. This is an essential aspect of any after-sales support. It is a good idea to inquire about the availability of spare parts from the dealer.

Each water purifier has specific measurements. A brand’s ‘O’ rings will be different in size from its peers.

It is important to ensure that the original parts are used when you trust your technician to repair your water purifier. Because it guarantees the replacement of damaged parts with the original, the AMC is very useful.

Q4 – How can you submit an after-sales repair request?

It is important to register an after-sales inquiry. Many manufacturers offer helpline numbers that can be contacted for assistance.

These numbers are always available at all times. You can also send your request via email. Many water purifier manufacturers offer mobile apps. This is the best way to get in touch with the manufacturer and place an after-sales request.

Q 5 – What is the cost of technician visits?

It all depends on many factors. Most technicians don’t charge for visits during the AMC period. This is because the AMC covers these costs. If your appliance isn’t covered by warranty or AMC, the technician will charge you for their visit.

Costs will vary depending on how far your house is from the service provider’s location. These charges should be inquired about prior to submitting your service request.

Q 6 – How often should the membranes and filters be changed?

There are many factors that influence the frequency of filter and membrane replacements. One of the main factors is the water source. It is best to replace the filters every 6-9 months if the water source contains high levels of TDS.

If the filter is not changed annually, it is recommended to do so. The modern-generation water purifiers have a “Filter Change” alarm. It will indicate when the filter needs to be changed.

Modern water purifiers have advanced features that turn off the machine if the filters become worn out. Before you can turn on the appliance, it is necessary to change the membranes and filters.

Q 7 – Is it possible to change the filters and membranes on my own? Can I clean and sanitize filters on my own?

You should not open the appliance or attempt any repairs, as long as it is still under warranty. To resolve the problem, you should not call a local mechanic.

Contacting the service center for assistance is the best way to go. Before servicing the unit, the manufacturing company will verify these facts. If you break the terms of the warranty it will be null.

AMC requires that you do not clean or sanitize appliances. The AMC provider will charge you upfront for their services. It is better to leave the matter to them.

Q 8 – What happens if I use local spares from the market?

Water purifiers of today are precision instruments. Only genuine spare parts can make them work. The appliance’s overall performance can be affected by replacing the defective parts with local spares.

Local spares are often quite affordable. They can affect the appliance’s efficiency. To replace defective parts, it is important to use original spare parts and filters.

Q 9 – Does the water purifier manufacturer offer a buy-back program for an upgrade?

There are usually no buy-back agreements. You have the option to exchange your current water purifier for an improved model. The condition of your existing water purifier machine will determine the discount you receive.

Q 10 – Is the warranty applicable to RO membranes or other electrical parts?

The warranty usually covers all electronic parts and filters. The RO membrane is also covered. It is however subject to the terms and conditions of the warranty. It is void if you do not comply with the terms of the warranty. This is something you need to remember to ask when purchasing your water purifier.

The Final Verdict

Be sure to read the warranty terms and use only genuine spares. This can increase the life expectancy of your water purifier. You are investing a lot in a high-quality water purifier system. You should receive the best after-sales support. Most water purifier manufacturers are known for their excellent after-sales services.

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