5 Tips to Select Ceiling Fans With Lights – (Ultimate Guide)

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Ceiling fans are a permanent fixture in every Indian house. Ceiling fans are necessary to keep the heat at bay in India’s hot climate.

Ceiling fans do a simple task if you think about it. Ceiling fans circulate air throughout the room to provide relief from heat and humidity.

Ceiling fans can be found in a slew of places. Reputable brands such as Usha, Orient, and Crompton are all available in the market. They have the upper hand over all others.

The competition is fierce. Ceiling fan manufacturers must think outside the box to improve their market position. One such idea is ceiling fans that have lights and remote control.

These aspects will be discussed in our easy buying guide to help you select the right ceiling fan with lights.

5 Tips to Select Ceiling Fans With Lights


Ceiling fan with lights – Buying guide

It is easy to purchase a ceiling fan. Most ceiling fans can be purchased from retailers once you have chosen the brand.

Before buying a ceiling fan with lights, you should consider the following seven factors.


Ceiling fans generally cost between Rs 1500 and Rs 3500. Ceiling fans with lights are however quite expensive.

The best ceiling fans with lights can be found between Rs 4800 to about Rs 8500. This is because these ceiling fans have more features than standard ceiling fans, such as LED lights and remote control units. They also have a stronger motor.


It is important to consider where the fan will be placed. Ceiling fans are usually installed indoors in living spaces, bedrooms, and dining rooms.

These fans can also be installed outdoors in gardens and patios. In such situations, it is important to choose a fan that has a Wet Rating and can withstand rain or other elements.

You should ensure that your fan is Damp Rated if you plan to place it on patios that are not directly exposed to the elements.

It is also important to consider the pole length, which depends on the ceiling’s height. This chart should help you understand the basics.

Lighting options

There are many lighting options for ceiling fans equipped with lights. There are three types of lamps: fluorescent, LED, and halogen.

These lights come with a unique holder arrangement. These lamps are not available in general retail stores. Such bulbs can only be purchased at a specific retail store.

Motor for efficiency and airflow

These ceiling fans’ motors control the airflow. Outdoor spaces require less airflow distribution than closed areas such as garages.

Because rooms have windows, air circulates well. Brushless motors (BLDC) are now available. These motors are extremely efficient.

Energy saving is more efficient if the efficiency is higher. DC motor fans are possible to be 70% more efficient standard models are more efficient than the energy star-rated fans. Energy star-rated fans are 20% more efficient.

Exterior finish

Ceiling fans should be matched with the rest of the furniture in the room. Ceiling fans should match the rest of the room.

Brass finishes are the best. Because they are resistant to corrosion, aluminum blades and bodies are very useful. Today, there are many options. These fan blades are impervious to dust.

Control of fans

Ceiling fans in India are usually controlled by wall regulators. These are great for families with children, especially in multipurpose rooms. Ceiling fans with lights can be controlled with additional options, such as:

Remote Control

It is easy to adjust the speed of the fan or the intensity of the lighting. The pull cord can sometimes be difficult to reach in high ceiling rooms. This remote control unit is useful for those rooms.

Pull Cord

Ceiling fans with lights are usually equipped with pull cords that can be adjusted to adjust speed and intensity. These fans are great for guest rooms or rooms with low ceilings.

Reverse rotation

We have tested several ceiling fans and found that the Orient Electric Aeroslim champagne model has the reverse rotation function.

This feature can be useful in winter as it can heat the room by moving warm air from the ceiling to different parts of the room. It acts as a climate control feature.

We’ve reviewed various ceiling fans with lights and have created a simple buying guide. This guide will make it easy for you to choose the right fan for your needs and budget.

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