Auto-clean Chimney Explained | Advantages and Disadvantages!

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One of the most difficult jobs in the kitchen is cleaning the chimney. An Auto-clean kitchen chimney is a smart investment that can help make your kitchen a healthier place.

Auto Clean Chimney

The unique auto-clean chimney uses an automated blower to trap kitchen smoke from the gas cooker range.

This equipment follows the principles of centrifugal force to suck oil particles and hot gasses you have a ducted auto-clean chimney, capture them on the filters of the chimney’s blower. Then, let the smoke exit the house via the exhaust pipe.

An Auto-clean Chimney Has Many Advantages

An Auto-clean Chimney Has Many Advantages

 Economical – High energy efficiency 

Traditional chimneys don’t have powerful blowers. These chimneys require more power to allow the blower to remove hot gasses.

The reduced suction power can cause oil and grease to build upon the interiors of the chimneys, leading to increased clogging.

Auto-clean chimneys High-quality blowers that is what you do. Centrifugal force these chimneys are faster than traditional chimneys at sucking out hot gases and oil particles. These appliances use less power because the interiors are not clogged as often.

 Low maintenance and cost-effective 

The auto-clean chimneys prevent grease particles from building up on the interior walls of the chimney. The oil collector collects the oil and allows for free air movement between the motor and chimney’s mouth.

They also allow the exhaust gases to flow freely through the pipes without clogging them.

 Oil Collector in Chimney 

The non-auto-clean chimneys are equipped with traditional mesh filters and baffle filters. These filters trap oil and grease while allowing smoke to escape.

The grease can build up over time and cause the filters to become clogged. These appliances need to be removed and cleaned frequently. They are more expensive to maintain than auto-clean kitchen chimneys.

 High Efficiency – More Powerful suction 

Indian cuisine is rich in oil and spices. Heavy-duty cooking techniques like deep frying, roasting and grilling are all available to you.

These processes produce more smoke and soot. Because of its greater suction power, and auto-clean chimney is more efficient. Because of their lower suction power, traditional chimneys that aren’t auto-clean can be less efficient than the auto-clean ones.

 Simple to Clean – Less maintenance 

Automatic cleaning systems for auto-cleaning chimneys are available that can be operated at the touch of one button. This makes it easy to clean the chimneys from anywhere at any time.

On the other hand, there are noauto-clean chimney models that need to be cleaned frequently you can remove the filters and wash them in a washing machine or by hand.

 Longer life expectancy 

Because they don’t require as much maintenance, auto-clean chimneys last longer than non-auto-clean counterparts.


Auto-clean Chimneys: The downsides

 Higher initial cost 

Because they have exquisite features such as auto-cleaning mechanisms and baffle filters, the auto-clean chimneys can be more expensive than mesh-equipped or mesh-filter-equipped chimneys. Motion sensors

These chimneys are easier to clean and maintain. The best thing about auto-clean chimneys? They are economical over the long term. They are more cost-effective than non-auto-clean chimneys because they last longer.

 High repair costs 

When you prepare food, your kitchen chimney is exposed to heavy smoke and oil/grease. Oil particles can block filters and stick to the machine in undesirable places. Auto-clean chimneys have advanced features that can be costly to repair.

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