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The refrigerator and AC are two of the most common appliances people want to reduce power consumption. But did you know that the fridge can use more power than your ceiling fan?

Ceiling fans are second in power consumption after the AC. You can reduce electricity consumption by switching to BEE 5-star ceiling fans.

You can save more power by using fans with BLDC motors.

BLDC Fans Technology Normal fans vs BLDC Fans Guide

What are BLDC motors and how do they work? What are they good for?

BLDC stands to represent Brushless DC motors. The BLDC motor, which is an asynchronous motor that is powered by a DC electric supply, is a motor. The integrated inverter power supply produces an electrical signal that drives the motor.

There are two types: Brushless Motors and Brushed Motors. The Brushless Motor was invented recently, while the Brushed Motor has been around for more than a century.

These are the advantages of the Brushless motor over the traditional Brushed.

  • High torque to weight ratio
  • More torque per watt
  • Higher reliability
  • Noise reduction
  • Lifespan extension

The housing supports the windings of the BLDC motor. This is why conduction cooling can be used to cool the motor. The internal cooling process does not require airflow, so the motor parts are protected from dirt and foreign matter. These motors are used by Super-Efficient fans today instead of traditional ones.

These BLDC motors were used by Atomberg Technologies to produce the Gorilla Fans, which are super-efficient fans. These motors reduce your electricity usage by an average of 65% per month.

Normal Fans vs. BLDC fans

This table will help you to understand the differences between traditional fans and those with BLDC motors.

As you can see, the BLDC motor fans use less power than traditional ceiling fans. To understand how the BLDC fans save money over the long term, we will now convert these power savings into absolute terms.

On average, the fans work for 15 hours per day. Let’s compare the economics between regular fans and BLDC motor enthusiasts using this assumption.

This table shows you that the cost difference between the fans can be recovered within two years (within 15 months).

The BLDC Motor fans offer additional benefits beyond the electricity savings.

These fans are supplied with a remote control unit you can switch the fans on or off easily by pressing the button.

These BLDC motor fans are equipped with a timer and sleep mode this will allow you to set a time limit (number hours) while you sleep.

After a set time, the technology gradually reduces fan speed. This technology allows you to save more energy. It can be seen how much power it uses at low speeds. The regulators can be controlled remotely from your bed.

We have thus seen that the BLDC motor fan are very energy efficient.

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