Catechin Filter in Air Conditioners – (Informative Guide)

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Because of the negative effects of global warming, ozone depletion, and other factors, environmental conservation is a hot topic today.

This is why you can see people shifting to greener ways of using energy. Air conditioners are known for being among the most polluting of all the devices over the years.

Therefore, it is essential that AC unit manufacturers come up with eco-friendly methods. One example is the use of filters Comparing the AC to the nanosilver filter.

Catechin Filters

Catechin is an important ingredient in green tea. It is capable of eliminating bacteria and preventing unpleasant odors. These properties are what Catechin has provided top AC manufacturers.

These Catechin filters are made from Catechin naturally extracted from green tea leaves.

Catechin Filter in Air Conditioners


Catechin Filters – The Working

Catechin filters are extremely simple to use. To prevent bacteria from passing through the AC screens, AC manufacturers add Catechin. These filters also eliminate bad odors from tobacco smoke and other air contaminants. Catechin filters are also able to eliminate bad odors that pets emit due to their anti-dust or anti-bacterial properties.

Catechin Filters – The Advantages

  • Stops bacteria and other microbes from passing through.
  • It is ideal for eliminating the unpleasant stench of tobacco smoke, paints, varnishes, etc.
  • These filters are extremely useful for asthmatic patients, as they purify the air and eliminate allergens.
  • Reduces the risk of developing respiratory disease from inhaling polluted indoor atmosphere.
  • Catechin filters can block the virus’ contagious power by covering up the spikes.

The Advantages of Catechin Filters

  • It can be quite expensive
  • Research is required for new technology.


These Catechin filters have been used by Japanese AC manufacturers such as Toshiba, Mitsubishi, and Panasonic. This trend is also being followed by Indian brands such as Voltas, Blue Star, and Blue Star.

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