Faber vs Elica Chimney – Which One is Better?

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When you talk about kitchen chimneys, the first names that spring to mind are Elica and Faber.

Faber, a global leader, has production facilities in North America, Europe, and India. Elica, a brand made entirely in India, produces high-quality kitchen chimneys, as well as automated assembly lines and other equipment that was imported from Italy.

Faber and Elica share two things in common. The first is the fact that both companies make excellent chimneys. The second is the Italian connection.

Faber vs Elica Chimney Difference & Informative Guide

Faber vs Elica Chimney – Which One is Better?

 The Faber Chimneys 

It has ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted kitchen chimneys. It boasts nearly 50 models of Indian cuisine is a specialty. Faber’s range of chimneys is available in 60cm or 90cm widths to accommodate a variety of gas cooking range sizes.

These 60cm models are ideal for twin burner gas stoves, and can also be used if you have a four-burner square oven. For larger cooking areas, hoods of 90 cm are required. Faber also offers a 32cm chimney that will work well in small kitchens.

 Elica Chimneys 

Elica chimneys can also be ordered in different sizes, ranging in width from 65cm up to over 90cm. The company also offers 15 models more than 50 chimney products are available to meet the needs of Indian kitchens.

These models are distinguished by their stunning exterior appearance and sophisticated internal features. These models are ideal for complementing the Indian modular kitchen’s latest range of gas cooker ranges.


Faber Chimneys – Technology

 Filterless technology 

Faber is known for its filter-less chimneys. Because they are easier to clean and maintain, filter-less chimneys can be a great option.

This mechanism uses a centrifugal technique to extract the smoke and soot from your kitchen. The oil and other greasy particles don’t stick to the chimney’s walls but instead, drip into the oil collector.

 Beautiful appearance 

Faber kitchen chimneys can generally be used with black glass or silver finishes. This elegant appearance will enhance your kitchen’s ambiance.

To match your cabinet and countertop, you can choose the color of your chimney. Faber chimneys are touch-controlled and highly sensitive to touch.

 High suction power 

Wall-mounted Faber chimneys have high suction power and are suitable for a wide range of applications. 1200-1500 cubic meters/hour. The chimney’s ability to suction air depends on how much air it can absorb from a particular location within an hour.

Your kitchen’s size will determine how large your kitchen chimney can hold. Traditional Indian kitchens need chimneys that can extract 1000-1200 cubic meters of air per hour.


Faber offers hanging and wall-mounted chimneys. Auto-cleaning ability to remove oils and greasy particles in a single stroke. The chimney’s suction strength is protected by the auto-cleaning mechanism.

The Oil collects inside the oil collector and doesn’t stick to the walls. The chimney is, therefore, more durable than other models in its niche

 Oil collector 

High-end filter-less kitchen hoods are equipped with Heat Auto-Clean mechanisms. This means that the kitchen hood’s motor is fitted with a heating pad. The bottom is where the oil collector cup is located. The cleaning mode is activated by a single touch. It collects oil from the cup.

 Gesture Control 

Faber’s top-end auto-cleaning kitchen chimneys also offer touch control capabilities. This system uses motion sensors that are located within the filter’s body.

a simple gesture of your hand is enough to start the chimney in motion. The suction speed can be increased by waving to the right, and the reverse direction will reduce it until it reaches a halt.

 Different widths 

A hood measuring 60cm in width is ideal for Indian kitchens that use double-burner gas stoves and cooking ranges. Some 4-burner hobs have square shapes and fall under the 60 cm wide chimney hood range.

Faber’s 90cm kitchen hoods are a great option if you need a larger cooking range or an even bigger cooking surface.


Faber-Baffle Filter Chimney

Faber also offers a wide range of baffle filter chimneys, in addition to the filter-less chimney that has an auto-cleaning mechanism.

 Filter with 3 Layers of Baffle 

Faber invented the 3-layer baffle filter technology, which was specifically designed for Indian cuisine. This allows smoke and vapors in the filter to change their direction abruptly as they pass through the stainless-steel filters.

Because they are too narrow to pass through, oils and other greasy particles stick to the curves. Regular cleaning is required for the baffle filter.

You can wash stainless-steel filters by hand or in a dishwasher. These stainless-steel filters can last for a lifetime because they are made of durable stainless steel.

 Cooling fan 

Faber baffle filter kitchen Hoods have a unique design spot coolingAerostation technology is an air purification technology. This cooling fan is designed to allow you to breathe fresh, clean air.

 HEPA Filter 

HEPA filters are a must-have in any discussion about air purification technology. Faber baffle filter kitchen chimney has HEPA filters that remove harmful impurities like smoke, pollen, and hair up to a size I micron.

 LEDs in Bio Color 

The Faber baffle filter chimneys work at three speeds of suction. This appliance features a Bio Color LED indicator. Display the mode of your machine fan is currently running.

The fan operates at a low speed by the green indicator, while the orange or red colors indicate medium and high speeds.

 Touch Control 

Filter-less and baffle filter kitchen fireplaces are available with touch controls in fashion these appliances are easy to use. The touch control options are usually equipped with backlit features that make them easy to use in low lighting conditions.

 Suction Capacity 

Baffle filters don’t have the same suction capacity as filter-less chimneys. Kitchen hoods with Faber baffle filters have a high suction power of up to 1095 cubic meters/hour.


Faber – Cassette filter Chimney

Cassette filter chimneys differ from baffle filter chimneys in filtering the kitchen smoke.

 Mesh filters 

Faber cassette filter chimneys are available aluminum mesh instead of using stainless-steel baffle filter filters, they can block oil particles and allow the exhaust to escape.

These filters have tiny holes that prevent oil and grease particles from passing through.

These filters have one major drawback: they are expensive. Regular cleaning and removal. The chimney’s efficiency is affected by oily particles stuck to its mesh filters.

In general, Mesh filters are not suitable for Indian cuisine because of the high amounts of oil, ghee, and spices.

These chimneys can be used in kitchens that don’t use oil for frying, roasting, or cooking in oils. These Faber cassette filters are ideal if you don’t have a gas range or rely solely on your microwave oven.


Additional features

You can also see the additional features in the Faber baffle and filter-less kitchen hoods.

 LED Lighting 

Faber kitchen chimneys are equipped with lighting this can greatly illuminate your cooking area. It can also increase illumination and save power by switching off general kitchen lighting. LED provides excellent illumination and low power consumption.

 Push-Button Controls 

We’ve already discussed touch-control and gesture-control operations. Faber models may offer push-button controls. The models with push-button controls are generally the most affordable.

 Low Noise Levels 

Faber kitchen chimneys are quiet when they’re working. You can therefore enjoy the quiet environment of the kitchen and concentrate on your cooking.


Elica Chimneys

 Hi-Life (Down Draft mode) – Hobcum-hood 

Elica has created an innovative kitchen hood that can be used as an induction cook cum cooker hood. The unique appliance is similar to a regular Induction Cooktop but has a recirculating air venting fan.

This appliance includes a lower suction power at 625 cubic meters an hour. It has a grease filter, which traps oil and grease and allows the machine to purify the air in the kitchen. The exhaust is located at ground level below the kitchen’s cooking platform.

It is unique in that it is not a chimney mounted on a wall or ceiling. Also, It can also be called a kitchen countertop-mounted chimney is a chimney extractor. It acts more like an extractor than a chimney.

This technology has been introduced by Elica in their Aspiration Nikolas Tesla kitchen hood range.

This appliance is unique there are nine power levels to meet your individual needs. The machine has a cassette filter that can be adjusted to suit the use of the cooktop.

It features a ceramic odor filter that has an efficiency level exceeding 80%. Premium grease filters are washable and can be reused.

The drain valve is a great safety feature that allows for manual drainage in the event of accidental spillage. It also saves space in your kitchen. You can use the Duct Out Mode to let the smoke out of the room via an exhaust that is mounted on the wall.

Other features include a safety lock, child lock, and power booster.

 Mounted Hi-Life Wall 

Elica wall-mounted chimneys function in the same way as Faber wall-mounted chimneys. Elica chimneys have a unique feature. Cassette and grease filters trap oily particles and allow the smoke to escape from the machine,

 Hi-Life Hanging Chimneys 

These kitchen chimneys hang from ceilings like the conventional chandelier. Grease filters are used to filter out soot and other impurities. These appliances also have adequate LED lighting that can double as a kitchen exhaust or lighting system.

 Hi-Life Under Cabinet Chimneys 

Indian kitchens usually have cabinets to store kitchen utensils and other essentials. It can be difficult to install a ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted kitchen fan if your kitchen’s cooking platform is lower than the cabinets.

Elica’s under-cabinet chimneys can be placed underneath the kitchen cabinets. It functions in the same way as a wall-mounted chimney.

 Vertical kitchen hoods 

Faber and Elica both offer vertical kitchen hoods that can be mounted on walls. These chimneys are usually equipped with baffle or cassette filters to trap oily residues.

Although they function in the same way as regular wall-mounted chimneys but with different shapes, they offer a completely different experience. These chimneys can be used in small kitchens with limited space.

 Heat Auto-Clean Kitchen Hoods 

Elica’s filter-less chimneys are available with Heat Auto Clean technology. This technology is also available in Faber models.

The heating pad on the motor assembly allows oil to drip into the oil collector. Easy activation and cleaning are possible with the one-touch cleaning feature.

 Elica Baffle Filter Chimneys 

These kitchen chimneys can be found in most brands, including Faber. The baffle filter filters the oil and grease particles from the appliance while allowing it to exhaust.

These machines are equipped with air purification technology that circulates the air after purifying it. HEPA filters are available for appliances in such situations.


Baffle filter in the elica chimney

 Last Thoughts 

Although the technology involved in Faber chimneys and Elica chimneys is similar in many ways, some models have unique features. The final product is to extract the smoke from the kitchen and then purify the air by trapping oily particles.

To maintain high suction power, it is important to clean the filters. These machines will last a long time and perform as expected. Regular maintenance is key.

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