How do you Maintain – Clean an Inverter Battery?

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It is recommended to verify inverter compatibility before purchasing an inverter battery. The total power required will determine the inverter VA.

An inverter that is compatible with a computer you do not require power backup for more than two hours, a 200AH battery is sufficient. You should have at least a 200AH battery.

Comparing an inverter/battery combination can be difficult. If you’re buying an inverter for the first time, it is a good idea to get a battery and inverter combo.

How do you Maintain - Clean an Inverter Battery Guide


It is better to avoid local batteries

People are more likely to buy a high-quality inverter than a cheap battery. Because they are less expensive, local batteries are preferred.

Local brands don’t follow safety standards and have a shorter lifespan. A poor battery can also reduce the efficiency of an inverter.

Local inverter battery manufacturers often release harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, which can be dangerous to the environment and household. Reputable brands guarantee low emissions, while local brands don’t.

These brands are also more difficult to maintain and don’t come with extended warranties. Recycled batteries are popular. They can be dangerous and have a shorter lifespan.

Any day is a good day for an extended warranty.

All home appliances are covered by warranties and guarantees. These terms are different. The guarantee means that the manufacturer will replace your product free of charge if the problem is not fixed within the given time frame.

A warranty, on the other hand, refers to the time period during which the user can get free repairs.

Inverter batteries typically come with a two-year guarantee and a three- to four year warranty. A longer warranty period is recommended.

Manufacturers such as Luminous use the term “Luminous” Warranty replacement instead of a guarantee, it is referred to as a “condition” It is best to understand the terms and conditions thoroughly and read them carefully.

Different warranty concepts

Manufacturers such as Luminous offer different warranties, including a Flat warranty or a Pro-rata warranty.

An example of this is Luminous’ Flat + Pro-rata Warranty of 75 Months (60 + 15 Months), which means that the company will provide free services for the first 60 months after purchase.

The user can then replace the inverter battery with a new luminous model, and receive a discount of a predetermined value on its current retail price. Some companies refer to it as the ‘Buy Back Value’.

Inverter battery maintenance tips

If you take care of your inverter batteries, they will last a long time. These tips can help you.

  • The battery should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Inverters are usually equipped with trolleys that protect the battery.
  • The battery should be kept away from heat sources in a dry, well-ventilated area. Tubular and flat batteries, particularly those made by local brands, require greater ventilation as they emit toxic gases such as carbon dioxide and monoxide.
  • Make sure that the battery terminals are properly insulated. They could be touched by children and cause injury. Keep batteries away from children.
  • It is better to place the Battery at ground level. It is easy to check the float indicators of them from time to time. You can store SMF batteries at higher levels if you have them.
  • These batteries are also known as lead-acid, but they should not be refilled with acid. Only distilled water should be used for refilling. You can buy distilled water at petrol bunks and battery shops.
  • It is not recommended to leave the battery water indicator lids unclosed.
  • Extended warranties are available for inverter batteries. It is best to call the authorized service representative to have your inverter batteries serviced.
  • Your old battery can be exchanged for a new one, and you will get a good discount. You should not throw them in the trash, or put them in a bag. These batteries can be recycled.
  • The inverter batteries should be used regularly. You can turn off the mains if there is no power interruption for more than a month and allow your inverter to supply power for a full cycle. This allows you to recharge the battery again and discharge it.
  • Battery terminals must be free from corrosion. It is best to clean the terminals if you see salt or rust. A combination of hot water and baking soda can be very beneficial. To clean the terminals, you can use an old toothbrush. To prevent corrosion, apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly to the terminals and nuts.
  • It is important to replace the battery immediately if it becomes bloated.

Last words

Inverter batteries are an indispensable home appliance. In the event of power failure, it is your best friend. It is important to ensure that it is maintained at all times. These tips will help you maintain and manage your inverter battery. You will enjoy an uninterrupted power supply to your home if you take care of your inverter battery.

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