How to Cook Gammon in Slow Cooker – 5 Different Ways (Guide)

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The recipe can be made super easy by simply adding the gammon to a little water. You can also add additional ingredients to make it more flavorful.

How to Cook Gammon in Slow Cooker

Regardless, preparation time is extremely short.

What you need

The slow cooker cooks a bigger gammon piece and then enjoys the leftovers.

Gammon joint- Smoked or unsmoked

vegetables you can add anything you want, but I like to add carrots and onions.


This is an optional step. I will pierce the gammon into it before I cook it.


You can either use plain water or experiment with other liquids (see below!)

Honey/MustardOptional: You can glaze the cooked Gammon and bake it.

Slow Cooker Gammon Joint – 5 Different Ways

1. How to Cook a Gammon in a Slow Cooker with Water

This is the fastest method. This is the fastest method. Place the gammon into the slow cooker and then pour water around it. It should be approximately 2 to 3 inches in depth.

Is it necessary to add water to the slow cooker gammon?

No, like with other slow cooker recipes, there is no need to put in any additional liquid. Because it makes the gammon a bit moister, I prefer to add a little to the bottom. The gammon will not burn if there is no water added to the slow cooker.

2. Slow Cooker Gammon in Coke

It might seem strange to slow cook a gammon sandwich in coke. It’s possible to make it in coke, but you might not have tried it.

The gammon will not come out as sweet as you might imagine. It is best to use regular full-fat coke.

Cherry coke can also be used, though I haven’t tried it myself. However, I have heard that it tastes delicious.

3. Slow Cooker Gammon in Cider

Dry cider can make a gammon sandwich as delicious as coke. Pour 400ml or 500ml of dry cider over the gammon joints in the slow cooker. You can also add some peppercorns, cloves, and chopped onions.

4. Slow Cooker Gammon in Apple Juice

You can also substitute cider for apple juice if cider is not your thing. You can use a similar amount (400-500ml) to pour over the gammon joints. You can also make your own pineapple juice or use a large container with pineapple chunks.

5. Gammon in Slow Cooker with Honey

You can also use honey to glaze the gammon (see further down).

Honey can be used during slow cooking. Mix 5 tbsp honey with 250ml of water. Hot water is better because it helps the honey dissolve. Mix in mustard to make it honey-mustard gammon.


How can I make pulled ham?

You can leave the gammon in your slow cooker for longer so it gets tender. It should be left on low for at least 8 hours. To shred the pork, use 2 forks. Much like slow cooker pulled pork.

Do I need to soak Gammon before cooking it?

You might pre-soak or boil the salt off a smoked gammon before you cook it. It doesn’t matter if you want to, it just depends on how salty your gammon is. You can reduce the salt content by soaking it in freshwater for at most 12 hours before cooking.

Cover the entire gammon piece. If you don’t have time to boil the salt, however, it is possible. Place the entire gammon piece in a large saucepan and bring to boil.

How do I cook Gammon in Plastic?

Gammon’s joints have plastic wrap around them. This was always what I left on! I have been told that it should be taken out during cooking. It was my belief that it held the joint together.

How long does it take to cook Gammon in a Slow Cooker?

It can be cooked on low for 6-8 hours or high for 4-5 hours.

How to tell if Gammon is cooked?

Use a sharp knife to remove the gammon. The meat may not be cooked if it is difficult to remove or feels springy. To cook it for longer, return it to the slow cooker.

How to Make a Gammon Glaze?

The gammon can be served straight from the slow cooker or you can add a glaze to the dish and bake it in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes.

This is the best option if you’re making this recipe for a weeknight meal. But, if you are making it for a weekend dinner or special occasion (like Christmas), I will go with the second option. It tastes amazing and I’ll make sure to glaze it.

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