How to Select the Best Water Purifier (Tips And Tricks)

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We read customer reviews before we shop online. This helps us to choose the best product for our needs. Water purifiers cannot be reviewed, unlike smartphones.

We are unable to keep all brands of water purifiers in our home so we can’t review them. Many people regret buying low-cost water purifiers. This post will give you some tips to help you choose the best water purifier.

How to Select the Best Water Purifier (Tips And Tricks)

Types Of Water Purifiers

Water purification technology is improving every day. We have many types of water purifiers on the market, including Ultraviolet and Ultrapurifiaction water purifiers and Reverse Osmosis water purifiers.

Water purifiers that are gravity-based

These purifiers offer the best value for money and range at price from Rs1000 to Rs5000. These water purifiers are not powered by electricity and can be installed in homes only if you have soft water.

The Gravity Based Water Purifiers may not be as efficient as RO or UV Water Purifiers. Choose a Gravity-Based Water Purifier that uses Ultrafiltration (UF). Please be aware that water filters that are gravity-based are superior to boiled water.

Water purifiers for reverse osmosis (RO).

Reverse Osmosis water purifiers can be installed in areas where water has high TDS levels. RO purification can remove heavy metals, pesticides, arsenic, fluoride, and Cadmium from the water.

An RO Water purifier requires electricity. The conventional RO Water purifier will remove both natural minerals and toxic dissolved salts. An RO water purifier should have a TDS controller that preserves Natural minerals.

Water purifiers that are ultraviolet (UV)

The concept of UV water purifiers can be very simple and yet highly effective. The UV bulb inside the water purifier is capable of killing all Viruses and Bacteria. However, UV water purifiers cannot remove dissolved salts.

Ultrafiltration (UF), Water Purifiers

UF works in a similar way to RO and doesn’t require electricity. This type of water purifier uses a fine membrane to kill bacteria, cysts, and other microorganisms in the water. It works very well when connected to the public water supply.

RO + UV Water Purifier

Many water purification brands use both RO technology and UV technology in one water purifier. These water purifiers are compatible with any kind of water. An RO + UV water purifier should include a TDS regulator. Double-check the TDS levels.


Many water purifiers include a storage tank that can be used to store purified water. A 5-8 Liter water purifier is sufficient for a small family. The water purifiers start filtering as soon as water levels in the storage tank drop.

Electric or non-electric

Non-electric Gravity Based Water Purifiers work just as well as Electric purifiers, but they aren’t as efficient. A UF water purifier can be purchased if there is an electrical outage. These purifiers also have a lower maintenance cost.

Each RO, UV, RO + UV Water Purifier requires a power supply in order to purify water. Lifestraw portable water purifiers are ideal for Adventurous Travellers and when you’re away from your home.

After-Sales and maintenance

All types of water purifiers require maintenance. Many UV and RO water purifiers are able to be maintained. Filter change, UV Bulb Change Alarms. These alarms will alert you if the filters need to be changed. Otherwise, the water purifiers will cease to function. Fail Safety is an essential feature of a water purifier.

Many users complain about poor after-sales service, which is a major problem with water purifiers. Reputable brands offer great after-sales support. HUL Pureit and Kent are some of the most trusted water purification brands. Eureka Forbes, Tata Swatch, and Kent are just a few.

Many top brands, such as Tata, HUL, Eureka Forbes, and Eureka Forbes offer free installation and a one-year manufacturer warranty. Some small businesses charge extra for installation.

Before you purchase a water purifier online, ensure you verify the warranty and installation details. Amazon offers fast delivery and excellent customer service, so we recommend that you buy the best water purifiers. Before you buy the product, make sure to read Amazon customer reviews. Good products have a rating of at least 4 stars. Do not read all reviews. Every product is imperfect. Always consider the average rating.

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