Induction Cooktop Buying Guide (2021) Factors to Consider!

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The most revolutionary advancement in culinary technology is the Induction Cooktop. It allows you to cook delicious meals and great food without using any fire.

How can food be cooked without a fire? What other source could heat the food?

Let me answer your question. MAGNETS You can do it! Let’s find out how an induction stove works.

induction cooker works based on the principle of electromagnetism. As electricity moves, it creates magnetic fields that cause electrons to form ‘Eddy currents These currents can cause heating up and scattering.

Copper coil wire is located right below the surface of your cooking, which can be ceramic or glass. This is where the vessel will heat up. The glass is not heated by the burner, but the alternating magnet current heats the pan directly

Induction Cooktop Buying Guide Factors to Consider

 How is it different from electric stovetops? 

Multiple interfaces are found between the heat-generating component of the electric burner and the vessel in which the food will be cooked. There are temperature drops due to the material between.

The ‘Thermal interfaces ‘are- the resistance coil underneath the glass surface that gets heated up with electricity. Next, there is the ceramic top.

This basically means that the vessel won’t get hot enough unless it has a good heat transfer.

Induction cooktops also take this into consideration. Heat takes less time The vessel is more efficient than an electric stove.

 Induction-based cooking: Utensils 

Because heat is generated through the use of electromagnets, which are designed to heat the vessel directly. Therefore, every vessel should have a magnetic flat base.

Pyrex won’t work with regular utensils made from steel, aluminum or copper.

The cookware should be made of magnet-based materials such as cast iron, enameled or magnetic-base cookware.

 Safety is one of the most important features 

Although it has been said repeatedly that induction cooktops can be used safely, what are the safety features that make this stove stand out from other options on the market?

Let’s look at how this innovation in the world of cookery will reduce hazards and make cooking fun and safe!

Fire is not absent they are safe for children to use.

It is rare for food to burn or overcook while being cooked. A timer can be used to adjust the cooking process according to your needs.

The vessel absorbs heat, so the vessel’s surface is not hot. This makes it less likely that the user will burn.

The temperature control feature can be used for energy supply control, similar to a knob used to adjust the flame size on a gas stove.

It comes with an integrated control system that stops it from being used if the vessel isn’t kept on the cooker, or isn’t the right size.

The electromagnetic current is created by the magnetic field and projected at a distance of 2-3 cms. Even people with heart implants can use them. Before using them, however, it is a good idea to consult your doctor.

Induction cooker manufacturers have installed an anti-magnetic barrier to protect users from magnetic radiation.

Consider Before Buying!

 Cooktop Size 

Multitasking is essential for those who must do multiple tasks and need to finish the dishes quickly. A cooktop with two zones allows you to cook simultaneously.

Induction cooktops are available in different sizes there are 1,2,3,4,4 and 5 possible induction zones. It is possible to see the tops with a single zone quite often.

These small, lightweight, induction cooktops can be used anywhere. The dimensions of the cooktop depend on how large one is. Personal choice also, the dimensions of the kitchen in which the cooktop will be installed and used.

Single zone countertop models inductions are most affordable. They are convenient and easy to move around.

However, you can also get built-in inductions. The prices for these cooktops are higher. The price of cooktops is also affected by the brand value of the company that offers the countertop and the style, design, and features of the cooktop.

Despite the fact that smaller zoned cooktops are much more popular on the market is a good idea to buy an induction with a larger body, as the airflow is better. Air circulation allows the induction to work more effectively by cooling the interiors.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you have too many zones on your cooktop, it can cause the controls to become cluttered. Also, cooking multiple dishes at once can make the sensors greasy.

 Cooking Zones 

The size of the cooktop is a major factor in determining the cooking zones. Large cooking zones have a diameter that is approximately larger than 21 cm This ensures that multitasking is possible on the stovetop without any difficulty.

Most cooktops have clearly marked and outlined cooking zones for any size cookware. A large cooking area is better than a narrow one.

 Control panel 

The control panel allows the user to adjust the settings for cooking. Does the control panel list all the features available, such as Power settings? Temperature settings and other preset settings according to each model.

There are three major panels that can be divided into the standard controls currently in place.

There are three options: the rotating knob control, the press button control, and the touch controls.

The knob-type panel would be the most physically strong, but touch panels are more intuitive and have a cleaner look. However, they can be slightly more costly than the other two options.

 Setting the power/temperature 

The most important factors that influence the cooking speed of food are power and temperature settings.

It is easy to cook a dish. It is easier to cook and control. Do you prefer it to be rare, medium-rare, soft-boiled, or at par? These controls are easier to use because they are kept in the user’s hands at smaller intervals.

If the temperature can be controlled effectively, a slight increase or decrease in temperature can make it more user-friendly.

Induction cooktops are not meant to be rushed.

It is therefore important to make sure that the induction begins with lowtemperature/power settings by default It is recommended to have temperature-controllable cooktops. These can be adjusted between 140 and 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

The maximum power of most portable inductions is 2100W. Some inductions have a threshold power of 1500W, 1700W, or both.

While low power options will result in less power consumption, it is best to choose a powerful power option if you do most of your cooking with induction.

Induction cookers are available in a variety of power levels that allow the user to adjust the heat required for cooking a specific dish.

If you are interested in the because.

the wattage of some cooking zones is high, they are equipped with power management systems that divide the power among the cooking zones. The maximum power function is only possible when only one cooking zone is being used at a given time.

If multiple cooking zones are being used at once, the power won’t work at its maximum.

Two dishes must be cooked in the same zone if they are to have maximum power together.

 Design of the Induction Cooktop 

While design and style are entirely up to the individual, it is important that you consider all factors.

Framed tops can be more susceptible to dirt and grime sticking in corners and crevices. It helps to prevent spillages from leaking onto the base.

Designs that are too complicated have a downside. Do not have edges they are. More prone Cracks can occur and the unit may break if it is dropped from a height or is struck by something heavy. These models are easy to clean and maintain.

 Portable vs. Non-Portable 

Portable inductions are portable and can be taken anywhere. An electrical socket is all that’s required to make the unit work.

It is also ideal for people who live on their own and are not confined to a home.


Useful Features on Induction Cooktops


Induction cooktops can be cleaned and maintained easily. They have a flat surface that is free of dirt traps, except where the borders are rimmed.

The majority of controls are located in the back. Touch-sensitive there are no knobs that can become grimy. The surface is not as hot as other electric stovetops and spillage doesn’t cause food to burn.

a soft cloth you can use to clean the cooktop. You can also refer to a specific handbook for further cleaning instructions.


Induction cooktops are of great value as they maintain a cool temperature in the kitchen. The cooktop also stays cool, which is a win-win situation.

It is space-efficient and easy to use, making it ideal for small families, bachelors, and teenagers learning to cook, as well as parents with small children.

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