Is RO Water Purifier Stop Working At Times?

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Your RO water purifier works like a machine. It only works when certain conditions are met. The machine may stop working if the conditions are not met.

Do you need to be concerned? There are many reasons to be concerned. You might be able to solve some of these problems quickly and easily. You can always count on the after-sales service of the manufacturer or product installer to resolve the problem if they are out of your control.

Let’s now examine some scenarios where your RO purifier may stop working.

Is RO Water Purifier Stop Working At Times

Is RO Water Purifier Stop Working At Times?

Power supply problem for the RO water purifier

Verify that the plug was properly inserted. To verify that the plug is properly inserted, use a tester. Verify that there are no loose connections.

Insufficient supply of water for feed

It is possible that you have accidentally turned off the diverter valve. The machine will turn off automatically if there is no water supply. You should also check whether other taps in your house are receiving water.

These are the two things you should do before calling an RO mechanic. It is better to contact the AMC if you have one. It is better to call the authorized service center of the manufacturing company than to rely on local mechanics.

These are the most common times when your RO may stop working.

The SMPS adapter is dead

This is possible in India, particularly because of the high voltage fluctuations. You will need to replace your SMPS if this is the case. It is possible to have it done by a qualified electrician or mechanic in no time. If you are familiar with the operation of such equipment, you may be able to change it yourself.

These water purifiers require an adapter because they work on Direct Current, while India’s input current is Alternating Current.

Failure of the pressure pump

RO systems operate on the principle of Reverse Osmosis. For the RO process to occur, you must apply pressure to the liquid. This is called the RO process. Pressure pump this is why it is the most important component of an RO water purifier.

These pumps are usually not repairable. Installing a new pump is recommended. This can be costly. This is where your mechanic can help you.

The low-pressure switch should be shortened

RO water purifiers only work when the water pressure at the source is above a pre-determined level. The RO machine will be shut off if the pressure falls below that level.

This is important to keep the pump from drying out. This switch can be replaced by a mechanic easily. You should ensure that the feed water pressure does not exceed the limits.

The solenoid valve is shorted

The solenoid valve prevents wastewater from entering the RO membrane by switching off the RO machine. If the solenoid valve fails, it will shut off permanently and stop water from flowing to the RO membrane. The RO machine will stop working as a result.

Malfunctioning of float valve

The RO machine will stop working in normal operation when the internal storage tanks become full. This is done to stop the water from bursting. The machine is automatically shut off by the float valve.

The water level in the tank will drop as you use it. This allows the machine to start working again. The RO machine will shut down completely if the float valve is damaged.

Air vacuum in the RO

This is not usual. The technician makes sure that the pipes are securely fitted. It is possible that the pipes may not be properly fitted. Loose-fitting somewhere will cause the pump to suck air. This will cause the pump’s to sucking air. The machine is stopped by this trapped air.

Sometimes, the pre-bowl filter can become blocked. It will block the water from passing through, creating a vacuum within the RO. This will create an airlock that prevents water from entering the RO system.

These are the main reasons why you should be concerned about your machine stops working. It is a good idea to leave the repair of the machine to an authorized mechanic who is qualified. The manufacturer will handle repairs if the machine is still under warranty. It is better to have an AMC installed after the warranty expires.

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