What is Ocean Black Protection in LG Air Conditioners?

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The human population continues to grow globally and the coasts are increasingly becoming growth centers around the globe. The majority of Australia’s population lives in coastal cities.

Similar to India, there are Mumbai, Chennai, and Cochin. Kolkata and other major cities were built along the coast.

In these areas, there are many resorts and hotels that cater to tourists. There are certain drawbacks to living along the coast.

Sea breezes can provide a refreshing experience with their nascent smell. The seacoast air contains more ozone than that found in inland areas. The air is also affected by the evaporated saltwater.

What is Ocean Black Protection in LG Air Conditioners

It has been shown to be dangerous for buildings and their components, as well as HVAC systems. Ozone-laden air can cause acceleration Constructions along the coast are at risk of being damaged by this.

The amount of salt in the air can also cause the equipment to rust more quickly. Corrosion is primarily a problem with outdoor AC units. It turns the elegant-looking heat exchangers to rust.

The air conditioner’s effectiveness and lifespan is greatly affected by prolonged exposure to saline water. This is why it is important to find a way to eliminate this invisible element of nature.

LG has responded to this threat by creating Ocean Black Protection Technology that protects AC units against corrosion and rust. Ocean Black Protection technology is included in the latest LG air conditioners to increase efficiency and prolong their lifespan.

Ocean Black Protection technology is a protective coating that covers the outdoor components of the LG LG air conditioners to prevent corrosion.

This coating is actively complemented by a hydrophilic film that prevents water buildup on the heat exchanger fin and minimizes moisture buildup.

Other than the heat exchanger itself, all metal components such as the base pan, supporter for the service valve, fan motor brackets, and control box get Ocean Black Protection coating.

The Ocean Black Protection coating corrosion is eliminated reduces the need for repairs and maintenance by identifying the primary cause. It also increases the lifespan of the organism.

LG ACs with Ocean Black Protection technology is ISO certified by UL, a reputed global certifying body. According to the ASTM-B117 salt spray tests, LG AC components with Ocean Black Protection technology last 50 to 90 percent longer than ACs that don’t have this protection.

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