Tips To Select Mixer Grinder For Indian Cuisine

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Technology has advanced a lot and we have seen the end of the grinding stone. Mixer-grinders are taking over, as they do the grinding and blending with equal joy.

Indeed, these machines do not give the same grinding effect that a grinding stone does, but it enhances efficiency and saves time.
Tips To Select Mixer Grinder For Indian Cuisine

Before you buy a Mixie, make sure to read the following tips

Take into account your usage patterns. It is always a good idea to get a mixer-grinder that can handle heavy-duty tasks. Machine with 1000W Bosch TrueMixx Pro.

A 750W motor is available for homes with four to five members depending on the grinding requirements.

A 500W mixer-grinder is sufficient for small families or individuals. In such cases, the Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder is sufficient.

A mixer-grinder will make some noise. The more expensive models have noise reduction features.

Mixer-grinders can produce a burning smell, especially when they are first used. This is due to the motor’s varnish coating burning.

It is important to ensure that your mixer-grinder meets the following requirements: Overload protection this feature. This helps to protect your motor from overloading. Idli batter ingredients The machine will stop working if you decrease the load or reset the option.

The motor of the mixer-grinder generally doesn’t get too hot after 25 minutes of use. Jars can heat up. To make it easier to use, jars can get hot.

Stainless steel blades are better than cast iron blades in older models.

It is not recommended to grind hot ingredients directly from the frying pan. The machine’s durability can be improved by allowing the ingredients to cool off.

Many people are prone to quickly switching between the speed and the control knobs. This is not a good idea. You can. Slowly turn the knobs Gradually increase the revolution speeds.

It’s better than ever Give some time to the jars in between your grinding tasks is. This allows the motor and jars to cool down enough.

A juicer arrangement is not required unless you decide to buy one. A separate juicer is a better choice.

It is important to check the warranty on the product as well as the motor. Good models should have a minimum warranty period of two years for the product, and five years for the engine.

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