Refrigerator Power Consumption – Review & Guide

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Some people look at upfront costs. There are also people who focus on the future. Savings over the long-term. This is because electricity consumption can be reduced. These people choose energy-efficient refrigerators.

In May 2006, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency ( BEE) introduced the standards and labeling program.

These conditions require that every manufacturer of electrical and electronic goods should put a label on each appliance to indicate the amount of electricity it will use under certain conditions. Manufacturers of alliances such as televisions, refrigerators, and air conditioners must comply with this requirement.

Refrigerator Power Consumption - Review & Guide Check

The Star Rating Concept

These labels have been designed with a lot of research. It will contain many items if you take a close look. The star-shaped labels are the best.

The appliance’s efficiency will be higher if there are more stars on the label.

It consumes less current. Appliances can only get 5 stars. We can therefore say that an appliance with five stars is superior to any appliance with a lower number of stars. These appliances also cost more. A 1-star refrigerator is the cheapest, while a 5-star refrigerator costs the most.

You can choose to purchase a product with a higher rating if you’re not clear on the star rating aspect. You will save money on your electricity bills and recover the initial costs.


Technology is constantly improving. It is not hard to believe that refrigerators made with the most recent technology in 2018 are better than those manufactured in 2016, but you can doubt it.

The 2016 refrigerator gets 5 stars, while the 2018 model has 4. Which one is better?

It should be easy. The year of manufacture should also be considered. You should also consider the other factors that affect the rating of an appliance. These details are on the label.

What are the ratings of refrigerators?

Different appliances have different star ratings. Consumption of electrical units is the main consideration.

The star rating of refrigerators is easy to understand because it includes the expected annual power consumption (in kWh). This figure allows you to easily understand the cost of electricity consumption. It is now easier to compare refrigerators made at different times.

The refrigerator’s volume and capacity also affect the star ratings. The BEE Star ratings are calculated using a particular formula. We won’t go into detail about the star ratings. You can conclude that 5-star refrigeration is always superior to other types.

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