Samsung Side By Side Refrigerator Technologies (Expert Review)

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The quality of products is improving as technology improves. The consumer can enjoy a wide range of features that enhance their comfort and ease levels.

Samsung Side-By-Side refrigerator is one example of such an appliance that has revolutionized the way refrigerators are made and used at home.

Let’s take a look at the innovative technologies found in these refrigerators.

There are nine models of refrigerators available in the Samsung Side by Side category. They come in different sizes, ranging from 657 liters to 868 Liters. Prices start at Rs 70K and go up to Rs 250K.

Refrigerators that are so expensive should have unique features that are not found in other refrigerators.

Samsung Side By Side Refrigerator Technologies Expert Review


Digital Inverter Technology

Save energy while still delivering powerful performances

The refrigerators of this type are equipped with digital inverter technology that adjusts the compressor speed to meet cooling requirements. This technology reduces energy consumption, noise, and wear for long-lasting performance.

Digital inverter compressors are able to run at different speeds than traditional compressors.

The compressor’s speed is affected by the load, ambient temperature, usage patterns, and other particular requirements.

This technology allows for instant cooling/freezing or low-speed running to maintain the internal temperature at optimal levels. It reduces power consumption by a lot.

Digital inverter compressors do not stop and start at regular intervals. It provides consistent cooling and consumes less energy than traditional compressors.

It doesn’t make any noise because it works all the time. It also reduces wear and tears on internal components, which increases the appliance’s lifespan.

Digital Inverter Technology Vs. Digital Inverter Technology Vs. Conventional Compressors

This table will show you the differences between these two technologies.

Uniform Cooling – All-Round cooling increases the freshness quotient significantly

All Samsung refrigerators in this category offer All-Round cooling. This technology cools the fridge from all sides.

The refrigerator has multiple vents on each shelf. Cold air circulates through the fridge to maintain a consistent temperature. This ensures food stays fresh for longer periods of time.

This system is not the Twin Cooling system found in older refrigerators. It monitors the temperature and blows cold water accordingly to maintain it at a constant level.

the twin cooling system compressor controls the refrigerator compartment, and the other the freezer box. Because of the different requirements within the fridge, this technology requires fans to spin at different speeds.

Multiple vents are required to provide cooling throughout the building.

Power Cool/Freeze – Chill or Freeze your food instantly with a touch of a button

Samsung side-by-side refrigerators are premium, top-end models with all the latest features. Power Cool or Freeze, a high-quality feature that allows the appliance to cool down quickly to -1 degree Celsius by blowing cold air inside it, is extremely valuable.

Instant cooling ensures that food stays fresh for longer periods of time. Drinks that become cold instantly provide the perfect relief for your thirst.

The Power Cool/Freeze option can be activated by pressing a single button. Power Freeze is a great option for quickly making ice. This is a great feature that will keep frozen foods fresh.

Water Dispenser – Get refreshing, cold water without having to open the fridge

Refrigerators can lose their cooling efficiency if they are frequently opened for chilled water. Samsung side-by-sides fridges have an external water dispenser built into their doors. This allows you to easily get a glass of cold water from the fridge without having to open it.

Filter for Deodorizing – Say Goodbye to Foul Odors

A refrigerator is small and compact. Because the refrigerator’s air cannot escape, it can cause food odors to mix. There are high chances that food may spoil in such conditions. Samsung refrigerators with top-of-the-line features have a deodorizing filter.

Prevent The Mixing of food odors

The activated carbon filter traps foul odors in the air and extinguishes them as it passes through the fibers. You don’t need to use other odor-fighting methods.

SpaceX Technology – Allows for excellent space management

Samsung side-by-side refrigerators maximize space by using SpaceMax Technology. The walls are made thinner by this technology thanks to high-efficiency insulation.

It creates more space in the fridge without increasing its external dimensions or compromising on energy efficiency. This allows you to store all of your food in a safe and long-lasting manner.

These models have a multi-utility bin that allows you to safely store more fruits and vegetables. You can place plastic bags or bottles in a separate compartment.

Family Hub – Turn the kitchen into a gathering place for all the family.

The technology has advanced to the point that Samsung Side-by-side refrigerators offer excellent features like Family hub. The refrigerator allows the family to gather in the kitchen.

Family Hub allows you to easily share photos, videos, information, schedules, and messages with your family. Family Hub allows you to view TV, access your favorite apps, listen to music, and even watch your favorite movies. This feature allows you to control your smart devices and order food.

These features can only be found on compatible smartphones and refrigerators with top-end models. These are just a few of the outstanding features your family can access on the Family Hub.

Family Board – Keep your loved ones in the loop.

Family Board allows you to enrich your family’s life by sharing news, photos, memories, and videos. To display photos or video clips, you can use your smartphone’s home screen.

You can also post stickers, draw cartoons and pictures, write notes or type notes, add music players, share your schedules, and link to other websites.

Calendar – Don’t miss a family event!

You will never miss a family event thanks to the Calendar function in Family Hub. Instantly share your schedules with your family members and view theirs.

You can also update your refrigerator entries or use your compatible smartphone to sync the information with your Google and Microsoft 365 calendars. It is impossible to forget important dates.

App compatibility – Improve your communication channels with family members

Family Hub is a great way to stay in touch with your entire family via a variety of compatible apps. You can share instructions, talk lists, and photos with apps like Memo, Gallery, and To-do.

You can also upload and play video clips. The screen turns on automatically when someone comes close to it. They can see immediately what you have posted to the fridge Family Board.

Smart View – Get your dose of entertainment while cooking.

Smart View allows you to launch social media apps, watch TV, access online video content, and launch programs. This refrigerator can be used with your Samsung Smart TV. It allows you to control and view millions of entertainment apps on your smartphone.

This feature can only be used on compatible smartphones or smart TVs. This feature is only available on top-end side-by-side refrigerators.

Radio and Music – Take your entertainment to a new level.

Your Samsung side-by refrigerator can double up as an entertainment device if you enjoy listening to your favorite music while cooking. Spotify allows you to listen to music seamlessly from your smartphone using apps such as Spotify. Favorite playlists and their sons.

Tune Incompatibility allows you to stream a variety of international radio stations, comedy programs, podcasts, news programs, and more on your refrigerator.

You can listen to music all day without having to use other audio/video streaming devices.

Access the Internet – Stay in touch with the outside world.

The Samsung side-by-side refrigerator lets you access the internet and your favorite web series without a smartphone or PC. The embedded browser allows you to view online content from this appliance. You can save time by creating shortcuts on your Home Screen to access your favorite entertainment channels.

View Inside – This virtual window allows you to see inside your appliance.

Smartphone compatibility gives you the option to view what’s inside your fridge from anywhere. This allows you to check if your children are getting into trouble. You can access the Family Hub by dragging your finger down the home screen.

The internal camera in your side-by-side refrigerator allows you to view what’s inside. It not only allows you to see the interiors clearly but also tags expiry dates.

Recipe and Meal Planner: Plan your meals to please your family.

Family Hub provides the wonderful facility of a meal plan and recipe planner that will help you prepare your family’s favorite meals.

The Recipes App uses Artificial Intelligence (Food Profiling) to provide exciting recipes and easy instructions. The Meal Planner will help you prepare delicious meals that your whole family will love for the week.

Shopping List – A simple shopping assistant

To make shopping lists, you don’t need to look for a pencil and paper. Samsung’s side-by-side refrigerator has a Family Hub feature that makes it easy to add items to your shopping lists with just a touch or voice command.

This feature allows you to sync the list to your phone and then check it at the departmental store.

Voice Assistant – Use voice commands to communicate with your fridge

Samsung side-by-side refrigerators are compatible with Bixby Voice Assistant. This version is similar to the one found on Samsung smartphones. The fridge can be communicated using voice commands.

Bixby can adapt to your preferences and set alarms, or suggest your favorite recipes. Only Samsung accounts with Wi-Fi connections are eligible for this feature. This feature is also available in multiple languages.

Bluetooth Call – Receive and make voice calls with your hands using Bluetooth.

Samsung side-by-side refrigerators allow you to make and take phone calls while cooking, without having to hold a smartphone. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to seamlessly connect with your smartphone.

This allows you to speak to loved ones while cooking and does away with the risk of damaging or dropping your phone. To make calls, you must have a compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Smart Things and Ring – Control your smart home devices easily with Smart Things and Ring

Smart Things allows you to control smart home devices using your voice or touch screen on your side-by-side refrigerator. This smart feature allows you to control your IoT appliances, turn them on or off, change their settings, coordinate activities and reduce power consumption.

Sleek, seamless design – Add style to your kitchen.

With its premium inbuilt design, this Samsung side-by-side fridge will give your home a chic integrated look.

This sleek, seamless design blends well with modern kitchen cabinets. Beautiful flat doors with recessed handles enhance the kitchen’s overall ambiance.

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