Difference Between Split AC vs Window AC – (Informative Guide)

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What AC should I buy for my home? A split AC or a Window AC? This is a question that will continue to be in everyone’s minds. Because each type of AC technology has its positive and negative sides, the debate will continue for years.

Many factors are important in choosing the AC you want for your home. These points will be discussed in greater detail in this article.

  • ACS is able to consume electricity at a rate that is unmatched by any other appliance in the home. The difference in electricity costs between summer and winter would have been obvious. Energy efficiency is an important factor that should be considered when making a decision.
  • In a typical Indian flat/apartment, space is also a major constraint.
  • The type of AC that you choose for your home is determined by how much money you have available.
  • Because it impacts all of the constraints mentioned above (e.g., energy efficiency, power consumption, and space), the AC capacity requirements are crucial.
  • Aesthetics is a major factor in choosing the AC for your room.
  • Convenience and comfort are equally important.
  • The brand of the AC is also important because it affects factors such as warranty period and after-sales service.

Difference Between Split AC vs Window AC

Split AC vs Window AC – Difference

Energy Efficiency

The ratio of energy efficiency is simply the cooling that an AC can provide per unit/watt of electricity consumed. The following is the explanation: EER The AC’s power consumption is determined.

You should know that star ratings are a measure of AC’s energy efficiency. Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEEAll electronic appliance manufacturers must rate their appliances on energy efficiency and list the ratings on their devices.

These ratings range from 1-star to 5-stars. The star rating is based on the energy efficiency ratio. The BEE 5-star ACs are therefore more efficient than other ACs.

Both split ACs, as well as window ACs, can now be rated 5-star. The number of split ACs that have 5-star ratings is higher than the rest.

The energy efficiency ratio is the standard for choosing which AC to buy. Split AC is better because of its wide range, it is a popular choice.

There is space available

The majority of Indians live either in apartments or flats in areas with limited space. Split AC units are different than window AC units in many ways. They come in different sizes.

  • Window AC is a single unit that houses all components.
  • Split AC is a multi-unit appliance that includes an outdoor and indoor unit. The compressor and condenser are part of the outdoor unit, while the evaporator is the indoor unit.

The split AC is technically more space-efficient than a window AC.

The outdoor unit will need to be placed in a designated area. You don’t need to have a large opening for pipes or wires to pass through walls.

Andererseits, Window AC requires a large opening to allow for its installation. It can be difficult to find the right space in apartments/flats for installing an AC window.

Flat owners choose split AC more because they feel compelled than out of choice.

Split AC has the advantage that you can place the outdoor unit on the top of the window-sill.

You can lengthen the pipes and place the outdoor unit in an area with proper ventilation.

You can place the indoor unit at a high location to get maximum cooling. This flexibility is not available with the window AC.

Flats can make it difficult to place an AC unit because your window may be too close to a neighbor’s or stairway.

It is important to know the AC’s capacity.

Before buying an AC, it is important to consider the size of the AC. We mean the tonnage. Your electricity consumption can be affected by the tonnage. It all depends on many factors.

The room size

The amount of cooling air required will depend on the size of the room. The cooling capacity is dependent on the size of the room.

The room’s population

Heat is emitted by the body of humans. The heat generated by a room is proportional to its number. An AC with a greater capacity is required.

The furniture in the space

The less furniture in a room, the lower the electricity consumption.

The room’s electricity consumption

Higher electricity loads mean higher electricity consumption.

Windows in the room

The windows can be closed to trap cold air in the room. Insulating windows can help reduce energy consumption.

Walls facing the sun

It is better to insulate rooms that face the sun if they are exposed. If you live on top of the building, it is even more important.

Your room’s size will determine the AC you choose. In general, an AC should be able to 1.5  TonFor rooms in Indian homes, a 2-ton AC is ideal.

Multiple ACs are better if you have large windows and a large room. Window ACs can hold up to two tons. A split AC is more efficient than a window AC. This AC not only cools the room more quickly but also uses less electricity.

It is best to choose a split AC. Inverter technology allows compressors to save significant power. Inverter technology does not allow for window ACs.

The importance of aesthetics has increased

Interior decoration is a major focus of modern life. Your AC is an important part of your interior decor. It should match the furniture in the room.

An AC window could look out of place. AAC split They look great! Better than window ACs. Modern split ACs are stylish.

Window ACs are not recommended if aesthetics are your main concern.

Convenience and comfort

ACS is more commonly used at night. Because of their loud sound, window ACs can make it difficult to sleep. The contrary is true. Split ACs make very little noise.

The outdoor unit houses the compressor and condenser units. The room’s evaporator unit makes less noise and provides a greater level of comfort.

Find the best options

There are many options for ACs today, depending on the weather and climate conditions.

You should make sure that the humidity is low in areas near the ocean, such as Mumbai and Chennai. Dry Mode Your AC can have this option. Most ACs have Energy Saver Mode.

Budgetary constraints

The window AC is more affordable when you consider all the aspects of both the split AC and window AC. The 1-star window ACs come in the lowest price range.

They are also the most inefficient. AC is a long-term asset. People should strive for the best balance between efficiency and pricing.

AC’s brand

AC brands that are top-rated today include a carrier, Hitachi. LG, Samsung. Daikin And VoltasAvailable in India. Indian customers have the choice of split AC or window AC options.

The warranty period and after-sales service should determine which AC brand you choose.

Most AC manufacturers sign annual maintenance contracts (AMCs) with their customers. This means that they agree to service the AC at regular intervals for a pre-paid fee.


What should you choose between split AC or window AC?

All doubts regarding which AC technology you prefer must be cleared up by the above discussion.

  • The window AC is the best option if budget is your main concern. Split ACs, however, are more expensive.
  • Split AC is the best option if you are concerned about power consumption. It is always recommended to opt for ACs rated 5-stars they guarantee the highest electricity savings. Although they are more expensive than others, these ACs can save you money over time. This will result in lower electricity bills.
  • The split AC is also a good choice if you are influenced by interior decor and aesthetics.

Split AC is better than a window AC. Although the initial cost might be higher, it can significantly reduce your electricity consumption. In the long-term, it will be a benefit.

Tips to get the most out of your AC

These are some tips for getting the most out of your AC after you’ve made your decision between split AC and window AC.

  • The room’s size, electrical fittings, furniture, and other factors will all influence the tonnage. A smaller AC will result in higher power consumption and lower output. An oversized appliance may not be able to serve its purpose. This can cause a lot of discomfort and energy wastage.
  • An AC is a long-term investment. It is best to focus on the efficiency factor. The AC’s lifespan can be extended by maintaining it well. Regular AC maintenance should be done at least twice a year. To prevent dust accumulation, clean the AC filters every two months. During every service, check the gas pressure.
  • As air can leak out of the room and cause an increase in AC load, ensure that space is properly insulated. Before you turn on the AC, make sure to close all windows and doors.
  • It is best not to use the ceiling fan with the AC. Some argue that the ceiling fan improves air circulation. When using an AC, it is best to turn off the fan. It can be turned on if the AC isn’t working. It will keep the room cool.
  • It is always recommended to get an AC with a 5-star rating. Although it may be more expensive initially, you will save power.

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