The Ultimate Guide of Super Efficient Ceiling Fans in India

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In today’s world, conserving energy is essential. India faces a significant shortage in electricity supply. The demand is far greater than the supply.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency launched its standards- and labeling program in 2006. Since then, they have started rating electronic and electrical appliances on a scale from 1 to 5, depending on their energy efficiency.

The Ultimate Guide of Super Efficient Ceiling Fans in India 2021

An in-depth study by a Pune research group has revealed that India can save 60 million units of electricity by changing four appliances: ACs, fridges, TVs, and Ceiling Fans. This would increase India’s supply position by at least 20,000 MW.

BEE now supports the production of super-efficient appliances, starting with the ceiling fan.

What makes a ceiling fan super efficient?

Standard fans consume 75-80 watts of power. Ceiling fan manufacturers began making ceiling fans with lower power consumption, around 45 to 50 Watts, after the introduction of the Star ratings.

These fans are 5-star rated. The difference between the regular ceiling fans and those rated 5-star is that the 5-star fans deliver air at 210 to 220 cm, whereas the regular fans deliver 250 cm.

This leads to the idea that fan manufacturers rated BEE stars have made fans with lower air delivery but are more efficient in terms of energy consumption.

the fans that are super-efficient this anomaly is being rectified. This fan is super efficient with a 230 cm air delivery. They consume 30 to 35 watts. These fans can save up to 50% on electricity.

What are the numbers saying?

Let’s compare the performance of super-efficient ceiling fans with regular fans and BEE-rated fans.

You will notice that the fan is super efficient and can recover the difference in costs within three years.

The technology behind Super-efficient fans

These are the three areas that technology has improved.

  • Improvisation of induction motors in regular ceiling fans
  • Introduction of the Brushless DC motors also referred to as BLDC motors
  • Design improvements in blade design

You will also find the replacement of certain electrical components such as the capacitor with electronic components such as microcomputers.

Ceiling fans that are super-efficient will make a huge difference in your life.

  • Full speed airflow at higher levels
  • Superior quality blades make the noiseless operation possible
  • Voltage fluctuations do not affect the speed.
  • High ambient temperatures can affect the reliability
  • Lowest power consumption


It is recommended that all Indian households switch to super-efficient fans as soon as possible, due to India’s current power situation. This saves significant power which can be used to benefit the nation.

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