What is a TDS Controller/Modulator in a Water purifier?

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Advertisements promoting water purifiers are seen on television. You’ll hear things like RO + UV+ UF + TDS Controller/Modulator.

What do you actually mean by these words? TDS Controller What is the answer? Let’s take a look at the concept briefly.

What is a TDS Controller Modulator in a Water purifier 2021

TDS Controller for RO Water Purifier

The RO water purifier’s primary function is to purify the water source by eliminating any impurities, including TDS.

The RO process removes 90% of TDS. If the TDS levels in the input water source are approximately 1500 ppm, then the TDS levels in the purified water will be around 150 ppm.

TDS levels lower than 150 ppm will cause water to taste bitter. This is due to the loss of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. The water is, therefore, more acidic and tastes bitter.

 Ideal TDS Levels in Water 

A special mechanism, known as the TDS controller/modulator This anomaly must be rectified. It is necessary to increase the TDS levels in water from 300 ppm up to 400 ppm. Let’s see how the TDS controller functions.

The RO system works in a basic way. Water that enters the RO process is divided into two parts. The RO membrane takes one part of the water and produces pure RO water.

This water is lower in TDS, as we have already discussed. The RO membrane does not cover the other portion of the water.

It instead passes through the UF membrane or a UV chamber depending on the configuration of your water purifier. The output water will be purified, but the TDS levels will remain the same as in the source water.

The fun part is here. This system allows for the mixing of these water outputs. The valve controls the flow of water coming from the Part 2 assembly.

This effectively reduces the TDS. You will notice the following configurations of water purifiers: TDS controller must be paired with either the UV chamber or UF membrane.

The water resulting from this process has the lowest levels of TDS. This is especially useful if the source water contains low levels of TDS.

Water with low levels of TDS does NOT necessarily mean that it is pure. You must purify water with low TDS levels using the UV chamber or the UF membrane.

The TDS controller can also be called a TDS moderator, as it regulates and modulates the TDS content of the water.

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