The Best Superfan Ceiling Fan Guide | Saves Over 70% Power

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India is a power-deficit nation. This means that there is a greater demand for power than there is supply. Yes, there are some power-surplus states in India.

We are in deficit overall. Power conservation is therefore of paramount importance. These are some of the ways we can improve the power situation.

  • When not in use, turn off electrical devices
  • Smart use of electrical devices
  • Prefer to use BEE 5-star rated electronic and electrical appliances

Concerning power conservation, the ceiling fan is the most commonly used electrical device.

India is home to approximately 350 million ceiling fans. These fans are expected to run for approximately 7 hours per day. This means that there is a need for almost 14000 MW each day.

Although the market is growing at a rapid pace, the power supply is slowing down. This creates a precarious environment.

Ceiling fans can be reduced in power consumption, which will allow us to use more power for other purposes. This is what inspired the invention of the superfan. These Superfans are manufactured by Versa Drives, a company based in Coimbatore.

Versa Drives’ super-efficient ceiling fan, the Superfan, is known as the Superfan.

Best Superfan Ceiling Fan Guide Saves Over 70% Power

Superfan is the idea behind it

Ceiling fans on the market are powered by single-phase induction motors. They draw their power from the 220V AC input via a capacitor. It is simple and cost-effective.

It consumes more power. It was then that the search began for a system that uses less power. Brushless DC motors, also known as BLDC Motors, are one solution.

Permanent magnets are used in BLDC motors. They make the system more efficient and less expensive. The BLDC motors have another problem: they need sensors to indicate the rotor’s position to the electronic drive.

Versa Drives

The electronic drive circuit uses a microcomputer as a control unit to operate the BLDC motor. This was the solution. This invention has resulted in India’s first super-efficient ceiling fans. These Superfans have the following benefits.

  • Minimal power consumption
  • High speed
  • Remote control fans
  • Stable speed even in the face of voltage fluctuations
  • It is easy to install
  • Attractive colors
  • Reasonable price

This Superfan’s highlight is the fact that it will reduce the power consumption by replacing ceiling fans in India with Superfans. This Superfan saves almost 9000 Watts per Day that can be used for other productive purposes.

Superfan features

These fans you can save lots of energy you can reduce your power consumption by more than 50% Your power consumption is reduced by over 50% You will have a lower monthly electricity bill.

These fans can be controlled using a remote control unit. A regulator is not necessary. These fans can be switched on and off without you even having to get out of bed in the morning.

These fans ensure that you run your business efficiently on the UPS and the inverter. They make no noise.

These fans function perfectly even under voltage fluctuations they are. They don’t lose their revolution speed in any way.

The BLDC motors don’t emit heat. The fans don’t heat up.

These fans are made with powder-coated aluminum bodies. There is also an aluminum body powder-coated for these fans. There is no doubt about any formation of rust.

These fans offer a greater service value than 6. This means that they are ceiling fans rated 5 stars are better than these 5-star-rated fansThese come with a service worth approximately 4.4

Fans have been an indicator to assist with remote operations.

You can get the Superfan in a variety of attractive colors.

What are the savings you can make by using the Superfan

A fan that is used for at least 12 hours per day will save you Rs 1050 each year over a regular ceiling fan.

The Superfan is quite expensive. It costs approximately Rs 2000 more than a regular ceiling fan. The difference can be recouped in two years.


It is better to switch to the Superfan, given India’s power crisis. Not only will you save money on electricity, but you can also help reduce global warming. These fans are eco-friendly.

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