UF Water Purifier (Ultrafiltration) – Pros and Cons Explained!

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UF (Ultrafiltration) works in a similar way to reverse osmosis water purification, but UF filters use membranes with larger pores.

Unlike other Water Purifiers, UF Water doesn’t require electricity to work.

The UF Water Purifier can kill all bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in the water.

The only problem with the UF Water purifier is its inability to filter water. You can’t get rid of the Dissolved Salts TDS from water. Only RO Water purifiers can remove TDS from water.

UF Water Purifier (Ultrafiltration) – Pros and Cons Explained

The Ultrafiltration Water Purifier has many advantages

 No electricity required 

The UF Water Purifiers don’t need any power and can be used with normal pipe water pressure. The UF Water Purifier does not require electricity and is, therefore, safe to use in an emergency.


Gravity-Based UF Water Purifier

 Water Pollutants are killed and removed 

The Ultraviolet Water purifiers kill all germs, bacteria, and viruses, but their dead bodies remain in the water. Unlike the UV Water Purifiers, the UF Water Purifier kills all germs and actually removes them from water. The UF Water Purifier can be Flush Cleaned online.

The UF Water Purifiers are better than the UV Water Purifiers.

You can purify even dirty muddy water

Ultrafiltration purifiers can remove all germs, cysts, turbidity, and dirt from water. This is impossible with a UV water purifier.

Because the UV Water purifier cannot purify clay or turbid Water, the MUD and dirt present in the water will protect the Germs from the UV Rays. This renders the process ineffective.

When used with public-provided tap or pipe water, Ultrafiltration Membrane Water purifiers perform as well as RO Water Purifiers.

The Municipal or Public Supplied Pipe Water doesn’t contain heavy metals and dissolved salts such as Arsenic and Cadmium. Reverse Osmosis water purifiers are only needed when the TDS level in the water exceeds Very High.

 Great Purification 

Water purifiers may use chlorine treatment to kill germs. The eggs (Cysts), however, have a hard shell that can’t be broken by chlorine chemicals. Even though they kill germs, the Dead Bodies and active eggs cannot be filtered from the water.

Ultrafiltration purifiers can remove the highly resistant eggs (Cysts), of Amoebic Disease and Gastroenteritis parasites such as Giardiasis or Cryptosporidiosis.

Failing Safe

Ultrafiltration purifiers are guaranteed to work and will not let you down. The Membranes of UF Water purifiers are extremely strong and will not allow the contaminated water to crack.

The UF Water Purifier can experience a blocked flow, which can cause serious damage. However, it is easy to clean to restore water flow.

More efficient

The UV Bulb of the UV Water Purifiers can become dimmer and the Light inside may get blocked if scales form on the Bulb. The Water Filter does not give you any warning and the Bulb must be replaced manually.

The UF Water Purifiers don’t need much maintenance and can be kept in a good working condition for many years. The Purifier’s unique Manual Flushing system will remove all Blocked Germs, Mud and keep it in top condition.

If taken care of, most UF Water Purifiers will last up to ten years. The UF Purifier won’t have any problems and doesn’t require an electrical connection.

The UF Water Purifiers produce water that is more potable than the Boiled water. The Boiled water will retain the Dirt and Dead germs and eggs. However, the UF water purifiers remove all dirt, germs, and cysts from the water.

The Cons of Ultrafiltration Water Purifier

The only problem with the UF water purifier, however, is that it cannot remove dissolved salts from the water.

As I have mentioned, only RO water purifiers can remove heavy metals and dissolved salts.

The UF and UV Water filters are recommended only if you have access to the Community or Public water supply. The UF Water purifiers can also be used with water from rivers, wells, and rain-harvest waters.

Also, UF Water Purification System should have a good TDS level and be free of toxic elements such as Arsenic, Cadmium, and Lead. An RO Water Purifier is a good option if you are concerned about TDS levels.

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