What is a Sealed Maintenance Free battery – (Informative Guide)

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The SMF batteries don’t require maintenance, as their name implies. These batteries don’t require you to refill distilled water at regular intervals.

These batteries are also available in a variety of colors. Are safe because they don’t emit poisonous gases during recharging or discharging.

A 12V VRLA battery, typically used in small uninterruptible power supplies and emergency lamps (Source: Wikipedia)

These batteries are great for Indian homes and can be used by busy people as well as older adults because they don’t require regular maintenance.

These batteries are also called VRLA SMF (Valve Regulated Lead-acid) batteries. These SMF batteries offer a better alternative to tubular batteries. They are less expensive but last for three to four years. Tubular batteries, on the other hand, can last up to five years.

What is a Sealed Maintenance Free battery


Is it really possible to have sealed maintenance-free batteries that are truly maintenance-free?

The pros and cons of SMF batteries

  • SMF batteries don’t require any maintenance.
  • The SMF batteries are cheaper than the long tubular bones.
  • Because they emit no toxic gases, SMF batteries are among the safest batteries.

Cons of SMF Batteries

  • All inverters are compatible with SMF batteries.

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